"Soul Purpose" is Ed Antonelli's all original CD featuring eleven tracks of new music. The album was recorded in 2011 and 2012 at Woodshop Recording Studio with Engineer, Charlie Borruso. It was Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by the legendary Greg Calbi. "Soul Purpose" features fellow Mystic River members, Jacques Raymond on Bass and Balint Boldog on Drums.

"I hope you find something here that moves your spirit and brings you back often."  - Eddie A.

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"Pressure Cooker" 

"Face Down In The Blues"

Kid Bangham/Amyl Justin

Tone Cool Records / October 7, 1997

"Shades of Blue"

Boston Baked Blues

Blue Star Records 2000

"Jumpin' The Blues"

Mike DiBari Swingtet

Palomino Records

"Not What You Think"
"Does Anybody Know"

The MacVitties

Right Rooster Records, August, 2001

"Chris Isaak meets the Jayhawks. This folk/rock music, supported by skillful harmonies, is upbeat, refreshing and positive, appealing to every age group. The simplicity of structure gives the music a classic feel. Recommended if you like Chris Isaak, The Jayhawks, Crosby, Stills and Nash. Acoustic Folk/Pop released August 2011 on Right Rooster Records.

"The Endless Road"
"Tuff" Jeff Salen

R.I.P. -- Tuff Darts Guitarist - Died January 26, 2008

Fountainbleu Entertainment 2005

"Bettin' On The Blues"
"Juke, Jive and Grind"

J Place Band

Place Productions 2000

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